About Us

We are niche electronic component brokers. We locate and distribute hard-to-find, obsolete, and discontinued components to businesses to prevent disruptions in their production plans, ensuring predictability and prosperity.
Akira Global. manages a global inventory and a network of distributors that span all over the world. We have the technical knowledge and the tools to perform real-time analyses to assess the impact of supply chain disruptions to protect our clients.

Our Story

Akira Global Inc. was founded by industry experts who wanted to do something different for their clients. With its competitive pricing, honesty, and business transparency, the company soon found itself a key player in niche component sourcing and partnering with top electronic component manufacturers.

About Us

Akira Global Inc. was founded on the principles of trust, loyalty, and honesty. Our mission is to provide quality products and services to both national and international manufacturers and make the industry more reliable and transparent, one niche component at a time.

These industries include, and are not limited to: