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With our world-class supply chain solutions, AKIRA AEROSPACE helps you stay ahead of the curve by keeping your supply chains on the go.

Discover Akira Global, your go-to source for all your parts needs. With our vast network of partners, there’s no part that Akira Global can’t locate for you. If the information you are looking for is not found on our product, please contact us via phone or email We will promptly provide you with a quote within 24 hours.

Our team has well over 30 years of industry knowledge, and experience to provide the BEST customer service.

“AKIRA makes your supply chain our top priority.”

 Integrity is the driving force of the services we provide. To develop cordial and sincere relationships in every aspect of our business. Involving business, personal and professional. To lay that firm ethical code for all our consumers and buyers. Especially, during a time of uncertainty and nerves, we want our company to ease your mind and trust in knowing you are in good hands.

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Akira Global Inc. was founded by industry experts who wanted to do something different for their clients. With its competitive pricing, honesty, and business transparency, the company soon found itself a key player in niche component sourcing and partnering with top electronic component partners

Hard-To-Find Parts?

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  • DRV8800RTYR

  • LP5012PWR

  • TLV62568DRLR


  • LM3478MM

  • TPS40055PWPR

  • TPA6139A2RGTRG

  • ZXCL300E5TA

  • TPS548A20RVER

  • TPS92692QPWPRQ1

  • TPS54427DDAR

  • TPS53314RGFR

  • TPS2552DBVR

  • UPC458C

  • S9S08DZ128F2MLH

  • CM-40607

  • ICM-40608

  • LIS2DH12

  • BMA253

  • BME680

  • ADUM1201BRZ-RL7

  • XC3S400A-4FGG320C

  • XC7A200T-L1FBG676I

  • XC7A200T-2FBG676I

  • EP4CE10F17I7N

  • EPM240T100C5N

  • UPC458C

  • UPC458C

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Eric Rosser

Great company, excellent communication and customer service! I highly recommend! Anthony went above and beyond to guarantee we had part’s we could not find anyplace.

Matt KIm